12 Easy DIY Projects and Crafts

12 Easy DIY Projects and Crafts

Looking for an awesome, easy, and fast craft or project you can make in an afternoon? Try one of these cool ideas from the PJ Our Way Content Team.

Do you love to make stuff? Are you looking for a new project or craft to try? Check out these awesome, easy, and fun do-it-yourself, DIY, ideas from the PJ Our Way Content Team. Many of these ideas are inspired by PJ Our Way books as well.


For her DIY, Bella takes inspiration from the book Pickled Watermelon by Esty Schachter and creates a paper watermelon slice that can stand on it’s own. If you have younger siblings, you can make a bunch together, or you can also try using the same pattern with pieces of felt to create watermelon stuffed toys too. What other kinds of paper fruit can you craft?


Inspired by Dreidels on the Brain by Joel Ben Izzy, Jeremy walks us through making oversized game dice out of paper. You can follow along with his tutorial to create big dice for magic tricks, or use the pattern to make cubes for other games and puzzles too.


Did you just have a fantastic get together with friends? Do you have a lot of plastic cups lying around? Hanah will show you how to upcycle your plastic drinking or sample cups into beautiful flower art. This DIY is also neat because making it is a mitzvah – when you remake something instead of throwing it away, you’re practicing bal taschit or not being wasteful.


It doesn’t have to be Purim to make hamantaschen. And when it comes to hamantaschen, there’s no such thing as too much or too big. Follow along with Hettie to learn how to create your own giant three pointed cookie decoration. If you’re hosting friend for Purim or helping to decorate for a carnival, these will be a hit.


Michael shows off two DIYs in one! Glitter bottles are a really easy and fun calm down activity that babies enjoy as much as big kids and adults. Follow along as he walks through two different methods for creating these cool items.


Stuck in the house for an afternoon? Why not go on a scavenger hunt? Is the weather nice? Get to know your neighborhood with an outdoor scavenger hunt. Ayden breaks down everything you need to know to get started. Happy hunting!


You can use paper chains for so many things – counting the omer, decorating for Purim, keeping your hands busy while listening to a podcast or audio book, or turning old book or magazine pages into art. Nathalie’s video shows you how to make your own just like in the book Paper Chains by Elaine Vickers.


Need a unique gift for an upcoming birthday party? How about a special container for your Purim mishloach manot (gift baskets)? Rylee has the perfect DIY – a creative marbling technique that customizes a glass jar. What colors would you use on yours?


Asa’s favorite PJ Our Way book is The Inquisitor's Apprentice by Chris Moriarty, so he made himself an Inquisitor’s badge. This easy to follow and very customizable badge makes a great addition to a Purim costume.


Xela takes old note cards and index cards and transforms them into postcards to send to family and friends. This activity is a another great way to practice bal taschit or not wasting needlessly and challenges you to create in a small space. How detailed can you make your postcard?


Ooey gooey slime is the subject of our next video. Ellery reveals just how easy it is to make a base for lots of slime variations. Have you ever made slime at home? What’s your favorite variation?


Don’t stress out – relax! Sophie uses lentils and other easy to find items to create a relaxing sensory ball. This is a great DIY gift for grown-ups, grandparents, and teachers too.

Which of these will you make first?


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Mar 28, 2019 @ 6:51PM


We made marbled jars as kiddush cups at my Hebrew School

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Mar 28, 2019 @ 10:01AM


I really have no idea which DIY project I'll make first, they're all so good!

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Mar 04, 2019 @ 2:17PM


can I make a DIY video for pjow

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Feb 20, 2019 @ 4:08PM


All of these are so good, and I can't wait to try them. Content Team Member

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