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What is the difference between PJ Our Way and PJ Library?
PJ Library is a book-based program available to North American Jewish children ages 6 months through 8 years-old. Every month, eligible families receive a specific, age-appropriate book in the mail. PJ Our Way is the next chapter of PJ Library, for kids ages 8½-12. With PJ Our Way, rather than receiving a specific book in the mail, kids can go to every month to choose the book they want to receive. Kids can also submit reviews and videos about the books. They can apply to be part of the national Design Team that has early access to PJ Our Way books and helps create content for the website.

My child is receiving PJ Library books. Do I need to sign up for PJ Our Way?

Your child can be enrolled in both PJ Library and PJ Our Way at the same time! While both PJ Library and PJ Our Way are programs of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, each program maintains an independent database. As on online program geared towards kids under age 13, parents must enroll their children directly on the PJ Our Way website.  
Where is PJ Our Way available?
PJ Our Way is available across the United States and Canada.
Who is eligible for PJ Our Way? 
Any child age 8½-12 living in the United States or Canada is eligible to sign up. Parents can enroll their child beginning when the child turns 8½, up until the day before their 13th birthday.

How long can my child participate in PJ Our Way? 
All subscriptions remain active for one full year (12 months). Subscriptions are renewed automatically for 12-month periods until the child is no longer age eligible.

Are there any hidden costs?
No! PJ Our Way is a free gift for you and your family from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and PJ Alliance partners.

How it Works

How often can my child choose a book?
Every month! Kids can choose a new book between the 1st and 10th of each month. You (and your child if you registered your child’s email address) will receive emails at the beginning of the month to remind your child to choose a book.

How does my child choose a book?
Just come back to between the 1st and 10th of each month. The website will prompt your child to choose a book once they have logged in.

Can my child change their book selection?
During the book selection period (from the 1st to the 10th of each month) kids can change their book selections by navigating to the book detail page for another of that month's options, and clicking the "Change your selection to this book" button. Book selections cannot be changed after the book selection period closes on the 11th of each month.

What if my child comes to the site after the 10th of the month?
While your child will not be able to choose a book that month, he or she will be able to see reviews and videos based on books already offered, and will be able to submit reviews and videos, and take quizzes and polls on books he or she has already read.

How long does my child have to wait for his or her book to arrive?
Your child’s book should arrive within 4-6 weeks after the book selection period closes on the 10th of each month. So, a book chosen the first week of September should arrive by the end of October.

My child’s book arrived damaged. What can I do?
So sorry to hear that! Please email us at or call 413-276-0800.

We moved. Can my child continue receiving books? 
If you have moved within the United States or Canada, then your child can continue receiving books. Simply send your new address to, or call 413-276-0800. If you have moved outside the United States or Canada, we are unable to continue sending your child PJ Our Way books.

My child goes to a Jewish day school. Can he or she  still sign up?
Yes! All kids, no matter what kind of school they attend, can join PJ Our Way.

I have more than one child. Can they all sign up for PJ Our Way?
Yes! Any kid between the ages of 8½-12 can have their own subscription.

Are there other ways for kids to get involved?
Yes! PJ Our Way is more than a book program. All subscribers are encouraged to post reviews and comments directly to the website. Want to submit video trailers and blog posts? Contact us at

About the Books

Who chooses the books being offered?
The PJ Our Way Book Selection Committee chooses age-appropriate, high-quality, Jewish-themed books on a wide variety of topics. The Book Selection Committee is made up of a panel of Jewish educators, authors, editors, parents, and kids. Read more about how books are chosen for PJ Our Way.

How do I recommend a book for the PJ Our Way lineup?
We welcome your suggestions! You can contact us at
Here are the guidelines on how to submit a book or manuscript.

What if my child doesn’t like a book?
No problem! Not every book is for every kid and that is why we offer four options each month. We would love to know why your child did not like a particular book. Your child can review the book on our website or you can email us your feedback at

How can I get additional copies of PJ Our Way books?
Participants can choose one book each month, but most of our titles are available on Amazon and other booksellers.

How long is the average PJ Our Way book?
150 pages. You can find exact page counts for each book in Story Central.

For Parents

Where can parents find out more about PJ Our Way books?
The PJ Our Way Parents Blog offers information on every book in the PJ Our Way lineup. Each month, parents can find synopses, information on the Jewish content and values, discussion points, and content ratings and warnings, when applicable, for each book offered to their child. While we provide content ratings and warnings, we encourage parents to do their own research as to the appropriateness of particular titles for their children. 

How do I know which books my child has chosen?
Log on to the PJ Our Way website with your child. The most recent selections appear on your child’s bookshelf. If your child has marked on the website which books he or she has read, then you can click on “Story Central” and select “Books I’ve Read” to see all books your child has chosen.

Is the PJ Our Way website safe?
Yes! PJ Our Way is a closed site, meaning it does not link to social media sites or to YouTube. All website content, including kid comments and videos, are reviewed by PJ Our Way educators before being posted to the site.

Are comments on the PJ Our Way site moderated? 
Yes, all book reviews, blog comments, and videos are reviewed by PJ Our Way educators before being posted. In order to maintain the safety of the website and your kids, please review with your child the type of book reviews and blog comments we do not accept or that we edit:

  • Swear words or offensive language
  • Mean comments
  • Vulgar images or anything inappropriate for kids
  • Personally identifiable information of any kind, including first and last names; your state, city, address, phone number, or e-mail; the name of your school; or personal websites
  • Book Reviews and ratings for books that have not yet been read (For example: “5 stars! This book looks great and I can’t wait to read it,” “1 star, I think I’d like this book but I haven’t yet received it”)
  • Book reviews that are not relevant to the book being reviewed (For example: “I’m going to a cool concert tonight”)
  • Book reviews with “spoilers” that reveal key aspects of the book’s plot

Do you have books about the Holocaust?
The PJ Our Way policy on Holocaust-related content is guided by the view of The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, that an introduction to the history of the Holocaust is suitable subject matter for children in grades 4 and up. In line with this view, the Museum has created an exhibition for this age group. Many schools teach books such as The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and Lois Lowry’s Number the Stars to children in middle school. We agree with the view that it is appropriate for upper elementary and middle school children to learn broadly about the Holocaust.
However, because our aim at PJ Our Way is to provide positive Jewish content, we offer only a few Holocaust-related books. These have a hopeful message and minimal graphic content, if any. The Holocaust-related books that we offer are about topics including resistance and refugees. Sometimes a secondary character will be a survivor. We know that some parents feel that the Holocaust is not suitable subject matter for middle grade readers. For these families, there will always be alternative options to choose from that month.

The Design Team

What is the Design Team?
The Design Team is a group of kids from across the country who help select and review PJ Our Way books. Design Team members have early access to PJ Our Way books and create videos and other content for the website.

How can my child sign up for the Design Team?
Kids may apply for next year’s Design Team by completing the Design Team application. For more information about the Design Team and how to get involved, contact Jamie, at

For additional information about the program, please email or call 413-276-0800.

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