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11-year-olds Bea and Frankie have been planning their first summer at Camp Shalom forever. But then Frankie gets into horse camp! How will Bea replace her best friend for a whole summer?
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Rabbi Harvey Rides Again

by Steve Sheinkin



Nobody challenges Bad Bubbe and survives — unless your name is Rabbi Harvey. Dangerous criminals run in fear from Rabbi Harvey. He's the quickest draw in the town ... and yet he doesn't even own a gun!
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The British Escape

by Leah Sokol



It’s 1939. You’ve just heard the code words “Pied Piper” over the radio. England is at war! All of the children are being sent out of London. But where is your little sister Ruthie? Will you find her and escape in time? Only Y ...
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The Doughnut King

by Jessie Janowitz



Tris’s doughnut business is a huge success, but he can’t keep up with demand. Meanwhile, the small town of Petersville is getting even smaller… and might even disappear entirely. Winning a reality cooking show may be Tris’s o ...
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Which of these is true about the amazing Ruth Gruber?
  • She hitchhiked alone to college because she couldn’t afford the ride.
  • She became the youngest person in the world to get a PhD.
  • She was the first foreign jo ...