How far would you go to make a new friend? Would you pretend to be your own identical twin? Tori did, and it got her into big trouble!
Ages 9+
Pages 144
Publisher Orca Book Publishers
Coming Apr 2024

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182 Reviews

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A fast-paced adventure!

Review by Talia

I can totally relate to Tori in this book. She has to deal with her best friend moving. I had to deal with a lot of changes in my life, like Tori. This book was the best I’ve read!

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Double Trouble by Zoe

Video review by Zoe

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Double Trouble by Zoe

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Double cool book!

Review by trabizade2015

This book is so cool and it teaches us that even in the scariest of times the truth will set you free.

Jul 14, 2024 06:27 PM
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Great book

Review by ExplodingKittens

That book was awesome, with all those plot twists! I was on the edge of my sweet the whole time! Don’t want to do any spoilers but Tori pulled it of for pretty long!

Jul 10, 2024 08:59 PM
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It’s good

Review by VRVM

I liked it but the book was too short I would’ve wanted a longer story

Jul 10, 2024 01:27 PM
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double trouble

Review by ruchio

a good book

Jul 08, 2024 08:46 PM
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Double Trouble

Review by BH30

Best. Book. Ever. 💯👍🏻😃

Jul 07, 2024 09:13 PM