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Looking for Me

By: Betsy R. Rosenthal


Meet Edith: sixth grader, family babysitter, restaurant waitress, poetry writer, and one of twelve children!! Life is never boring at Edith's house.

Ages: 10+

176 pages

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Average Rating: (13 Ratings)

Submitted 8/2/2017 by crumplebelly



This book looks sooo interesting
Submitted 8/1/2017 by soccercrazy06

And it is!!!!! five stars!!!

Submitted 6/4/2017 by cel32107

I loved this book!

This book is so good! Looking For Me has so many mixed feelings and it kept me reading it almost all the time. You Should definitely read this book if you like poetry.

Submitted 1/6/2017 by Teacup

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

This book was FANTASTIC!!!! I couldn't put it down!!! The way it's all written in little poems really evoked the meaning of this story to me. I have read it 3 times!! if you like poetry that's easy to understand, then READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about my family.
Submitted 1/2/2017 by d1mikeul

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

This book is about my grandmother's family. She is Mildred in the book. I have heard many of these stories my entire life from my grandmother. It is great to have them collected here. The poems are great little gems. Gram still lives in Baltimore, she is 95 years old.

Didn't read it yet
Submitted 8/5/2016 by adi.1625

This book sounds really good and I might read it - I will try to!

So Good
Submitted 7/7/2016 by CurlyGirlie

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

I Loved the book, Looking For Me. It was such a nicely written book and. I think it is a great book for people who are interested in the great depression and poetry. i gave this book to my younger brothers so they could share the same enjoyment as i do every time i read it

Submitted 6/2/2015 by ballet123

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

It was a an okay book. Just a heads up this book is written in all poetry. I was not a fan of this but the book still gave off a great message.

Looking for Me- a book that shows you who you truly are!
Submitted 5/2/2015 by rhp

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

Looking for Me is an amazing book! It has aroused my interest in trying to find out who I really truly am. I am thinking abut how poetry is always affecting our lives. If you enjoy poetry and are interested in why people are the way they are, I recommend Looking for Me ... in this great big family!

A heartwarming book of poems.
Submitted 3/10/2015 by graceful dolphin

I loved this book!

Looking For Me is an outstanding book of poetry. It tells what it means to BE someone, as in finding an identity. And Edith (the narrator) has it hardest of all. She's fourth in a family of twelve children!

full of poems
Submitted 3/3/2015 by elibean

I liked this book.

this book is based on a real girls life and is written by the daughter of the main character. it is almost all poems except the end which is full of pictures of Edith and her family. i thought this book was easier to read than some other books cause it's all poems

You should read it
Submitted 1/10/2015 by jacoblego10

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

I liked how the book was about a large jewish family.

Edith learns who she is and who she wants to be
Submitted 1/1/2015 by Design Team

Review by Rebecca, age 10, CA

Looking For Me... in this great big family is a good book for kids about nine years old. It is about a girl named Edith who is one of 12 kids in a Jewish family in Depression-era Baltimore. Edith is struggling to find her place in the world among her brothers and sisters.
She has to go through a lot of hard times before she can figure it out. Slowly but surely, she learns who she is and who she wants to be. This book is fairly short and focuses on small details a lot of the time.

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Review by Abbie

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Betsy Rosenthal
Author of Looking For Me

"The greatest challenge to my writing career is to keep my tush in the chair and let the stories flow."

When Betsy was a kid, her parents used to tell her that because she liked to argue, she would grow up to make a great lawyer. And guess what? She did grow up to be a lawyer who fought for the rights of others. But after practicing law for many years in America and Israel, Betsy decided she wanted to write.

Betsy has lived in 18 different homes before finally settling down in Southern California. She likes writing children’s books and Looking for Me in this Great Big Family is her first novel.

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