15 October 2020 • News Feed
Penina “Pinky” Bloom loves baseball, Chinese food, and solving mysteries. When someone tries to put her friend’s Chinese restaurant out of business and a valuable Kiddush cup is stolen, it’s up to Brooklyn’s greatest kid ...
15 October 2020 • News Feed
The Sound of Freedom

by Kathy Kacer



It’s 1936 Poland, and Anna’s family needs to find a new home fast. Joining the new orchestra in the Land of Israel is the opportunity ...
12 October 2020 • News Feed
Rabbi Harvey Rides Again

by Steve Sheinkin



Nobody challenges Bad Bubbe and survives — unless your name is Rabbi Harvey. Dangerous criminals run in fear from Rabbi Harvey. He's the quickest draw in the town ... and yet he doesn't even own a gun!
07 October 2020 • News Feed
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01 October 2020 • News Feed
Going Rogue (at Hebrew School) by Mathew
Going Rogue (at Hebrew School) by Mathew
Avery loves Star Wars, science, and football. Hebrew school? Not so much.
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