PJ Our Way Books That Feature Our Furry Friends

PJ Our Way Books That Feature Our Furry Friends

PJ Our Way readers love stories about animals, and we’re delighted to offer two of them this month: The Unexpected Adventures of C.A.T. and Rip to the Rescue. In honor of these delightful titles, we’ve got a list of PJOW reader favorites that feature dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and many more!

Aces Wild book cover

Aces Wild
by Erica Perl

Zelly dreams of having her first sleepover, but her dog, Ace, is flunking obedience school, and her parents won't let her have a sleepover with an untrained dog in the house. Her social life is about to be ruined! (This is the sequel to When Life Gives You OJ, but it also works well as a stand-alone novel.)

The Cats in the Doll Shop book cover

The Cats in the Doll Shop
by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Anna is so excited! Her cousin Tania is coming to stay, and the neighborhood’s stray cat is having kittens! But Papa refuses to have a pet in the house. Can Anna and Tania find a way to keep a kitten of their very own?

Duck Dreams book cover

Duck Dreams
by Elizabeth Segel

When Simon’s family moves to the country, it looks like his dream is about to become true! But farming’s not as easy as it looks, especially when you’ve got cheating chicken dealers, duck disasters, and a best friend who’s not acting like much of a friend at all.

The Inquisitor's Tale  book cover

The Inquisitor's Tale
by Adam Gidwitz

The king of France has declared war against Jeanne, Jacob, William, and Gwenforte. Who will win ⁠— the king or three kids and their dog?

Letters to Leo book cover

Letters to Leo
by Amy Hest

Fourth grader Annie Rossi’s got lots of great ideas: how to be a Model Citizen, how to be a (fake) Yankees fan, and how to teach her professor dad how to race on a bicycle! Her four-legged best friend, Leo, completely agrees.

Mitzvah the Mutt book cover

Mitzvah the Mutt
by Sylvia Rouss

Move over, Lassie, Clifford and Scooby Doo...
Here comes Mitzvah!
He barks, he plays, and he loves matzo balls!

Rip to the Rescue book cover

Rip to the Rescue
by Miriam Halahmy

Fooling the Air Raid Warden into thinking Jack’s old enough to be a Messenger was easy. But what if Mum and Dad find out he’s bicycling around London in the middle of a war?

Saving Hanno book cover

Saving Hanno
by Miriam Halahmy

German-Jewish refugee Rudi can’t wait for his dog, Hanno, to join him in his foster home in England. But with food scarce and the country preparing for war, the animals’ lives are in danger! Can Rudi find a way to save Hanno?

Turtle Boy book cover

Turtle Boy
by M. Evan Wolkenstein

Will loves turtles but hates it when kids call him Turtle Boy. He also hates hospitals. So why does Will’s mom think visiting a kid in the hospital will help bring him out of his shell — and what if he’d rather stay in it?

The Unexpected Adventures of C.A.T. book cover

The Unexpected Adventures of C.A.T.
by Johanna Hurwitz

Chaya simply ADORES cats. Especially her sweet Ollie. She just KNOWS he has a secret life when his humans are away. And she’s about to find out for sure…

The War I Finally Won book cover

The War I Finally Won
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

When war breaks out, Ada moves to the countryside with her younger brother and their guardian into a small cottage owned by the bossy Lady Thornton. Then Lady Thornton moves in, too, with her daughter, Maggie. With the arrival of Ruth, a German Jewish refugee, the cottage becomes even more crowded and uncomfortable. Luckily, Lady Thornton’s got beautiful horses for everyone to ride. Everyone except Ruth. Because she’s German.

When Life Gives You O.J. book cover

When Life Gives You O.J.
by Erica Perl

Zelly wants a dog more than anything. Her grandfather, Ace, has a crazy idea to convince her parents to let her get one. Can she go through with Ace’s embarrassing plan?

Wishtree book cover

by Katherine Applegate

Red is a wise, philosophical, and funny old oak tree who has watched over his neighborhood — and all of the animals and people that live in it — for hundreds of years. He’s seen it all, but that’s about to change.


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