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Under the Egg

By: Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Contemporary Fiction

Theo’s grandfather’s dying words – “Look under the egg” – send her on a quest to find a missing painting. Can Theo and her best friend solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Ages: 11+

352 pages

Penguin Random House

Average Rating: (5 Ratings)

Submitted 5/22/2020 by fairianqueen

I loved this book!

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

This was such a great book! It was suspenseful, mysterious, exciting, and a lot more! It's so good! If you haven't read it yet, You should definitely read it now!

This is definitely worth reading more than once!
Submitted 4/5/2020 by CelloGirl

I loved this book!

This book was a really engaging mystery. It was suspenseful and also ridiculous at times!
I would really recommend this book. I've already read it before (from the library) and selected it now because I loved it so much!

Submitted 4/2/2020 by Dancer06

I loved this book!

Submitted 4/1/2020 by Darthvaderthemighty

Great Engaging Mystery!
Submitted 4/1/2020 by NationalDesignTeam

Under the Egg is an amazing mystery about a painting. Theodora accidentally spills rubbing alcohol on her late grandfather's painting and uncovers a hidden masterpiece. She goes on a wild research quest to find out who made the painting, where her grandfather got it, and what she is supposed to do with this painting. I recommend this book for anyone who likes mysteries or art history.

- Claire, National Advisory Committee

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Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Author of Under the Egg

When Laura Marx Fitzgerald was a kid, she read anywhere and everywhere: in the dark after the lights were out, on the way to school, in blanket forts at home on the weekends. Before she started writing books, she wrote the words that ended up on cereal boxes. As a child, she lived in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida, and now she lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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