Ted loves escape room video games, but this is real life! Can Ted and his friends solve the puzzle and stay one step ahead of the bad guys?
Ages 10+
Pages 305
Publisher Delacorte Press
Coming Sep 2023

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384 Reviews

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Review by SoccerGAS

I like it!!

Sep 10, 2023 05:53 PM
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could have been better

Review by RCLev

sometimes it`s hard to tell who is talking.

Sep 10, 2023 09:33 AM
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Click Here to Start

Review by Magic2012

I recently finished reading "Click Here to Start" and I have to say, it was an incredibly enjoyable read. The story was engaging and kept me hooked from beginning to end. The characters were well-developed and relatable, and the plot had a perfect balance of mystery, action, and humour. I especially enjoyed the puzzles and games incorporated throughout the book, which added an interactive element to the reading experience. Overall, I highly recommend "Click Here to Start" to anyone looking for a fun and exciting adventure.

Sep 09, 2023 11:54 AM
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Review by Delphox

Was pretty good for what passes for literature on PJ our way

Sep 09, 2023 11:04 AM
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Review by Princessbanana

If you love escape games and mystery, then this is a great book for you. I personally don't really like escape games but this was a great book. Five stars! Seriously trust this review this was a amazing book! :)

Sep 08, 2023 05:45 PM