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The Secret of Carlos Romanus

By: Esther Kosofsky

Historical Fiction

Moshe Levi’s been shipwrecked off the coast of Spain! Will he ever see his family again? And who is the mysterious Carlos Romanus?

Ages: 9+

148 pages

Hachai Publishing

Average Rating: (6 Ratings)

Submitted 1/9/2020 by Jeffjax

Submitted 1/8/2020 by DragonCollector

Book is great really great.

Historical mistory
Submitted 1/8/2020 by Unicornflower

Thumbs up!


Mysterious and Adventurous
Submitted 1/3/2020 by MiamiTeva

Thumbs up!

This book taught me more about Jewish holidays, rituals, and even food.

Great plot. The author includes mostly important details which helps you understand the story better.

Amazing book!
Submitted 1/1/2020 by j2740325

Thumbs up!

This book taught me more about Jewish holidays, rituals, and even food.

I Loved this book. It was adventurous and cookie cutter. Totallly would recommend!!!!!1

Secrecy and Judaism
Submitted 12/31/2019 by NationalDesignTeam

I liked this book a lot because it was about secrecy and Judaism. I like reading good books about Judaism, and I like the secret stuff because it reminds me of spy books.

- Calder, National Advisory Committee

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Review by Celestina

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Esther Kosofsky
Author of The Secret of Carlos Romanus

Esther Kosofsky grew up in western Massachusetts and remembers delivering matzah with her father to local families for their Passover Seders. This book is based on the story that her father would tell Esther and her siblings around the Passover table, every year, when they were children. Today, she and her husband Noach are the proud parents of nine children of their own!

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