Mrs. Kaputnik's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium

Ten-year-old Shoshi and her younger brother Moshe are miserable in their Russian village. But then the unexpected happens. They escape to New York, search for their father and fight off bullies, all with the help of Snigger … their dragon!
Ages 9+
Pages 192
Publisher Tundra Books

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Stick to your plan and you will definitely succeed!

Review by Annabel

Shoshi and Moshe Kaputnik are the main characters in this fantasy novel. They are little kids who live in Russia. They have a pet dragon, Snigger. They and their mother move to America in search of their father. He had left them five years ago to find a job, promising to come back and bring them to America with him. He never came back. It is July when they get there. They land on Ellis Island. A few important things happen on their journey: They find a place for Snigger to hide, so they can get through Ellis Island. More exciting things occur, but you need to read the book to find out! The Kaputniks move in with their uncle, aunt, and cousin in New York City. However, when their money is stolen by their relatives, Shoshi, Moshe and their mother have to run the family restaurant. Over the course of the story, Shoshi grows into a nicer, smarter girl. Moshe becomes tougher and stronger. I liked how the siblings never fought, and I liked how when the children and their father were reunited they went straight to asking what he was doing while they were away. I learned that if you stick to your plan the whole way, and you work hard while doing it, you will definitely succeed.

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Mrs. Kaputnik's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium

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Mrs. Kaputnik's Pool Hall and Matzo Ball Emporium

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Review by Mack10

I couldn't even read two chapters. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 15, 2022 05:18 PM
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I didn't really read it but it looks good.

Review by VBookworm

My little sister liked it very much.

Aug 28, 2022 05:00 PM
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Not the best, but worth reading

Review by PJLibraryisthebest

This book had some serious elements to it, but it was also kind of strange. Im still glad i read it though

Jul 03, 2022 02:57 AM
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Amazing story !!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Fourofeight

Great story please get more books like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 07, 2022 04:33 PM
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Amazing book

Review by potterymaker

This was a really great read! I really like dragons so I especially liked this one!

Aug 09, 2021 11:09 AM