When Susan moves from New York to St. Louis, she discovers that her new friend, Loretta, can’t live in their building because she’s black. It’s so unfair, but it’s the law! Susan and her friends want things to change, but what can a few kids do?
Ages 9+
Pages 108
Publisher Holiday House

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55 Reviews

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Susie Q Fights Back

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Susie Q Fights Back

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I like it

Review by Rebekah

I like that Susie is so bold, I would never be able to do that.

Dec 07, 2020 09:27 PM
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The review

Review by marciannetweety

It was a good book.

Aug 04, 2020 11:40 AM
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Susie Q fights back

Review by pinkglitter

it was so fun to read

Jun 22, 2020 04:47 PM
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Historically Correct

Review by Chicken1W

This book was good. If you like short books, historical fiction books, or both, this is the book for you.

May 09, 2020 10:47 AM
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A Must-Read

Review by born2swim

Susie Q Fights Back was a very good book and definitely a must-read. One thing I liked about this book was the way it was told. By telling the story from Susie's perspective, it made the whole thing a lot more interesting. Another thing that I liked was that it was about both Judaism, and segregation against colored people in the time when the story is set. This book includes a bit of humor, mystery, sadness, excitement, and most of all, adventure. So get ready to sit down to turn the pages of Susie Q Fights Back!

Jan 06, 2020 04:29 PM