So what if Jonathan is Jewish and Jason is Greek — who says they can’t be best friends?
Ages 9+
Pages 126
Publisher Behrman House
Coming Nov 2023
PJ Our Way Author Incentive Award Winner

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I liked this book.

Review by Kate

It’s a quick read which is nice, it shows the true meaning of friendship, teaches history, and is funny. It was great and educational!

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Shield of the Maccabees

Video review by Helga

Check out Helga's video review!

Shield of the Maccabees
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Exciting, thrilling, and engaging.

Review by Hudson

This book will tell readers about the Hannukah story from 2 children's point of view. The best part of this book is that it is a graphic novel so you can see what is in the author's mind. The illustrations were very colorful and kept me reading.

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pretty good.

Review by BookCreator

The book is about two friends that end up in a war and start fighting each other. (the war between the Greeks and Jews.) The reason its four stars is because I don't really like the ending.

Apr 11, 2024 10:37 AM
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Shield of the maccabees

Review by MosheParsons

It is a great representation of two kids of different cultures who are friends

Apr 10, 2024 08:16 PM
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Love this book!

Review by jdaniel28

Six stars. I love this book because it shows how strong friendship can be even if you are in a different group or religion

Apr 06, 2024 07:39 AM
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interesting book...

Review by AudTea

In my opinion it is not something I am honestly interested in ,but it is a good book, but perhaps not my favourite in the world.

Apr 04, 2024 03:59 PM
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slow paced but good

Review by Rowboat

This book was very entertaining but unrealistic and simplistic

Apr 02, 2024 10:54 PM