Oh no! The free breakfast cart has been CANCELED! Can Alley save the day and feed the hungry kids at school? With bunny boy genius Rex by his side, anything is possible…
Ages 9+
Pages 160
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Coming Apr 2023

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23 Reviews

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A fun sequel! You will laugh a lot.

Review by Naomi

“Alley & Rex Bite the Bagel” is a fun, action packed book! If you have read the first Alley & Rex this might just be the book for you! If you have not read the first book that is alright as well, it’s amazing either way! Alley is a big trouble-maker who can’t help being amazed at little Rex’s smart ideas and long complicated words. If you like funny books then I am positive you will love this book.

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Alley & Rex: Bite the Bagel by Ethan

Video review by Ethan

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Alley & Rex: Bite the Bagel by Ethan

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biting the bagel

Review by lululu42

this was a good book and i like it. funny and silly this is a good choice for all readers especially if you enjoy craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 27, 2023 09:36 AM
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Review by JRocks

This was a pretty funny book!

Nov 04, 2023 04:58 PM
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Alley & Rex: Bite the Bagel

Review by baseballfox5

Its just a great book overall because it has every thing from laughs to stealth to everything really. You should read this because its such a good book.

Nov 04, 2023 10:23 AM
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Review by izzykizzy

i like the first one more but still really good

Sep 05, 2023 07:01 PM
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Review by Googoolicious

rex is so funny when he talks. I recommend to read this bok

Aug 09, 2023 12:49 PM