Our team of PJ Our Way professionals puts great thought into each month's selections. These books span a range of interests and reading levels, however, we cannot guarantee that every book is the right fit for every child. Each month, this blog will include updated parent information including summaries, discussion points, and content warnings for every title we offer.

Reading to Dogs with Mitzvah the Mutt

Posted January 10, 2017  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Trying to get your tween to read more? Looking to help a struggling reader gain skills and confidence in reading? Have a book worm who can’t put a book down? Dogs can help!  Read More »

Death by Toilet Paper

Posted January 01, 2017  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Benjamin Epstein is having a tough seventh grade year. His father died, leaving the family with serious financial issues, and he and his mom are about to be evicted from their apartment. To further complicate matters, Ben’s Zeyde, who has memory problems, is his new roommate—and he snores! Ben has all kinds of creative get-rich-quick schemes involving various contests and sweepstakes, but can he really make enough money to pay the back rent? Read More »