Our team of PJ Our Way professionals puts great thought into each month's selections. These books span a range of interests and reading levels, however, we cannot guarantee that every book is the right fit for every child. Each month, this blog will include updated parent information including summaries, discussion points, and content warnings for every title we offer.

The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz

Posted February 01, 2016  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

This fast-paced, contemporary book is written as a series of funny and sarcastic emails from eighth-grader Amy Finawitz to her best friend, Callie. Callie has left New York City to spend the year in Kansas and Amy keeps her updated on her life. Things get exciting when Amy begins researching the life of Jewish immigrant Anna Slonovich with the help of Miss Sophia (Amy's elderly neighbor), Beryl (Miss Sophia's Orthodox Jewish nephew), and John (Amy's school crush). Read More »

Beyond Lucky

Posted February 01, 2016  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Ari Fish yearns to be just like his older brother, Sam: confident, strong, and, most importantly, one of the best soccer goalkeepers Somerset Valley has ever seen. But with Sam in California risking his life to fight brush fires, Ari feels like luck is the only thing he can depend on. After a spate of good fortune followed by misfortune, Ari begins to understand that when luck runs dry, it's true friendship that counts the most. Read More »

Jesse's Star

Posted February 01, 2016  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Jesse is under deadline for a class project about his ancestors. Poking around his attic for inspiration, he finds a Star of David necklace belonging to Yossi Mendelsohn, his great-greatgrandfather. Read More »

When the Hurricane Came

Posted February 01, 2016  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, nine year-old Gertie, her mom, and her brother traveled to Memphis to stay with Gertie’s Aunt Charlene and Uncle Mike until the danger had passed. When they left their home, they had no idea that they would never see it again! Living in Memphis, Gertie tries hard to adjust to a new school and new friends, and to come to terms with losing her home and possessions. She also really misses her dad who stayed behind to serve as a doctor in the devastated city. Gertie returns to New Orleans with a better understanding of what is important in life, transforming her experience of loss into one of determination to repair and rebuild her home.

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