Your PJ Our Way Books for May

Posted April 29, 2020  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Check out PJ Our Way’s picks for May! Find out what happens when Chloe has to choose between friend groups, or follow Cobber as he navigates his rapidly-changing family life. Join a grandfather-granddaughter duo as they weather a cataclysmic event together, or just kick back and solve some Jewish-themed brainteasers. A wide-ranging mix of lighthearted, serious, interesting, and fun, any of these four books would make a great choice this month. Make your selection by May 10th!

The Kindness Club book cover

The Kindness Club: Chloe on the Bright Side by Courtney Sheinmel

Ages 9+

206 pages

When Chloe Silver’s parents get a divorce, Chloe has to split her time between their houses and start 5th grade at a new school. Chloe is committed to making new friends, and it’s not long before she feels caught between two groups. She’s thrilled to be invited to join the popular crowd and their It Girls Club, and she’s also enjoying working with quirky Lucy and nerdy Theo on their science project about kindness. Meanwhile, Chloe is struggling to be kind to her father’s new girlfriend and the girlfriend’s daughter. Over the course of the book, Chloe and her friends learn about the challenges and rewards of treating people with kindness.

Calling Cobber book cover

Calling Cobber By Sheri Sinykin

Ages: 10+

248 pages

Cobber’s mom died when he was little, and his dad works all the time. This means that Cobber (real name Jacob) spends a lot of time with his great-grandfather, Papa-Ben, who lives independently in a senior living complex – though he’s becoming more and more forgetful. When Papa-Ben tries to persuade Cobber to have a bar mitzvah, and Cobber’s best friend Boolkie wants him to participate in the school talent show, Cobber is less than thrilled, remembering that he threw up in front of everyone the last time he spoke publicly. Over the course of the book, Cobber starts to discover what being Jewish means to him, and he learns to face and overcome his fears. Meanwhile, Papa-Ben helps Cobber’s dad realize that he needs to be more emotionally present as a parent and inspires him to reintroduce Jewish traditions into their home.

Now book cover

NOW By Morris Gleitzman

Ages: 11+

182 pages

Eleven-year-old Zelda is living in Australia with her grandfather, Felix, a physician and a survivor of the Holocaust, while her doctor parents volunteer at a clinic in Darfur. Zelda experiences rough hazing as the new kid at school; at the same time, Felix suffers from traumatic childhood memories. But Zelda and Felix have a beautiful relationship and they take care of each other with love and affection. When a bushfire rages through their town, Zelda and Felix find the courage and strength they need from each other to overcome their personal challenges and survive. This fast-paced and exciting book is wonderfully written, and it can be read independently of its companion books, Once and Then.

Puzzle Tov Book Cover

Puzzle Tov! By Peter Weisz

Ages: 9+

121 pages

This is a fun collection of puzzles, brainteasers, and riddles, from beginners to expert levels, each with a Jewish spin. Puzzles make up the first half of the book; solutions are at the end. Kids will enjoy testing themselves and each other with these fun riddles!

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