Your PJ Our Way Books for February

Posted February 01, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Take a look at PJ Our Way’s choices for February!  This month, your child can read about a girl who’s getting used to a crowded home during WWII or discover how a 9-year-old stowaway survives on the streets of New York City.  A comic book retelling of the story of Purim and a graphic novel following the adventures of Rabbi Harvey are both sure to delight kids looking for a humorous read.

The War I Finally Won

The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Ages 10+

385 pages

When war breaks out, Ada moves to the countryside with her younger brother and their guardian into a small cottage owned by the bossy Lady Thornton. Then Lady Thornton moves in, too, with her daughter, Maggie.  With the arrival of Ruth, a German Jewish refugee, the cottage becomes even more crowded and uncomfortable.  Luckily, Lady Thornton’s got beautiful horses for everyone to ride.  Everyone except Ruth.  Because she’s German.  

The Queen of Persia

The Queen of Persia by Moshe Moscowitz

Ages 9+

107 pages

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! His Majesty the King Achashverosh invites all graphic novel fans to choose this book! Meet heroic Queen Esther, wicked Haman, and saintly Mordechai, and find out what all of Persia is raving about!

Small Medium at Large

The King of Mulberry Street by Donna Jo Napoli


256 pages

Nine-year-old Beniamino’s a stowaway on a ship headed to America! 

He has no family, no home, and no English – all he has are his wits and a shiny new pair of leather shoes.

Will they be enough?

Parents should review the Parent Guide before their child chooses this title.

Rabbi Harvey vs. the Wisdom Kid

Rabbi Harvey vs. the Wisdom Kid By Steve Sheinkin

Ages: 9+

131 pages

This town’s not big enough for two Rabbis…

Bad Bubbe’s darling son, Rabbi “Wisdom Kid” Ruben, is new in town, and he wants to get rid of Rabbi Harvey once and for all! 

See them duke it out in this Wild West battle of wits!

What do you think of this month’s books? Comment below to let us know.

Just an FYI - in The War I Finally Won, the character of Sarah is a lesbian in a romantic relationship. This information should be included in the content section of the book details, but it wasn't. Be prepared to discuss this aspect of the book with your child.
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