Why We Chose This Book: The Lamp of Darkness

Posted March 22, 2018  | Written by PJOW Parent

With PJ Our Way we aim to connect kids with Jewish thoughts and ideas. But as we know, for kids to be engaged, they need to feel like these thoughts and ideas are relevant. A challenge that we have found is how to make biblical stories exciting, interesting, and relevant. When we first reviewed The Lamp of Darkness, we were thrilled with the story’s ability to bring biblical times and characters, specifically the story of king Ahab and Queen Isabel, to life.
Many PJ Our Way kids have probably heard of Elijah the prophet, but have any of them thought about the real character of Elijah and what political role he might have played in undermining an entire kingdom?
Other kids might have heard the idea of prophets and priests and Levites, but have you ever thought about how these groups of people might have lived together and sometimes fought against each other and what it was like to live in a time when these groups existed?
The Lamp of Darkness was first published as a young adult novel, but when we explained the purpose of PJ Our Way to author Dave Mason, he worked with us to create a young readers edition especially for PJ Our Way.
If you like stories with bravery, adventure, and excitement, read The Lamp of Darkness.
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