5 Fun Hanukkah Activities

Posted December 01, 2017  | Written by PJOW Parent

Looking for a fun Hanukkah activity to bring Hanukkah alive this winter? The staff at PJ Library, our program professionals from around the country, and some crafty PJ Our Way tweens have come together to share five of our favorite Hanukkah crafts and activity ideas.


Image via PJ Library in Los Angeles

Head to your local hardware store to grab some supplies like wooden paint stirrers and clothes pins. Decorate your holders with aluminum foil, paint, or stickers. Glue a clothes pin to the end of your decorated wooden paint stirrer with the opening of the clothes pin at the end of the paint stirrer. When it’s time to light your candles, put the bottom of your shamash in the opening of the clothespin as pictured above.


Image via Pretty Prudent

Make gifts for your family, teachers, and friends. Grab some old food jars (from baby food, salsa, pickles, olives, or jelly), and transform them into these great gift sets. Be creative with how you decorate them, and fill them with gelt, a dreidel, or other fun treats.


Image via Meri Cherry

Do you have old school art projects or drawings in your room? If so, turn them into Hanukkah decorations. You can cut dreidels out of them and hang them like the picture above or be creative and come up with your own idea for decorations.


image via Bible Belt Balabusta

Who doesn't love Lego? You will have a blast constructing a dreidel out of Legos. While you're at it, why not make a menorah or a temple for the Maccabees too?


Print and decorate this Hanukkah card to share the love – and light – with family and friends this year.

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