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Under the Domin Tree book coverWhat the Book is About:

Abby’s always been impulsive, but up until TNTRML (the night that ruined my life) she’s always had it under control. Now she’s stuck in summer school instead of the drama camp she’s been looking forward to all year. And she’s grounded: no Netflix, no social media, and a nine o’clock bedtime. Life could not be worse, until Abby begins to make some new friends who accept her for who she is: a creative and gifted kid with ADHD. This book is laugh-out-loud hilarious and kids will root for Abby as she navigates her complicated life and tries to rein in her unpredictable mouth. 

Jewish Content and Values

  • Abby’s brother celebrates his Bar Mitzvah by reading his Torah portion, dancing the hora and sharing the day with family and friends. 
  • When Max and Abby volunteer to perform a magic show at an old age home, it’s noted that they are doing a mitzvah, a good deed.  
  • Abby’s brother and his wife are expecting a baby and discuss naming him or her after a dead relative, according to Ashkenazi Jewish naming traditions.
  • Teshuva (repentance): Abby often says and does things that she later regrets, but she always apologizes and tries to make amends. 

Positive Role Models

  • Although her impulsivity often offends others, Abby makes a real effort to be kinder and more thoughtful throughout the story. 
  • Tony, Abby’s summer school teacher, treats her with respect and tries to find creative ways to help her achieve success in English class.
  • Dr. C, Abby’s therapist, offers helpful suggestions to strengthen Abby’s relationship with her mother. 

Content Advisory

Abby has difficulty filtering, and blurts out inappropriate and mean things, making comments and jokes about others’ body types and weight. It’s noted several times that Abby’s mom dresses like a teenager despite her age. There are two mentions of girls in her class who have developed “boobs” and have crushes on boys. A conversation about Cosmopolitan magazine notes that reading it is practically like watching an R-rated movie, and a few characters use words like “stupid”, “moron”, and “butt”. Abby and Max develop a beautiful friendship that hints to something more. 

Talk it Over

When Abby posts videos of Max on YouTube, she quickly realizes that despite her best intentions, she’s made a huge mistake. Have you ever wanted to do something nice for someone, but it turned out all wrong? 

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