Pretty much everything Abby does is inappropriate, but she’s always managed to keep things under control... until now. Goodbye, summer of stardom; hello, summer of boredom!
Ages 10+
Pages 302
Publisher Penguin Random House
Coming Sep 2020

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283 Reviews

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This is NOT the Abby Show

Video review by Ilana

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This is NOT the Abby Show

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So good!

Review by MBR

Definitely recommend for anyone who is getting this option

Jun 01, 2023 11:34 PM
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This is NOT the Abby show.

Review by Lasagna

This is not the Abby show is a good book. I loved reading it.

May 09, 2023 08:13 PM
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This is Not the Abby Show

Review by Soccer1212


May 01, 2023 05:42 PM
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This Is NOT The Abby Show

Review by BizzyIzzy

Great book! It was told in a real life sense which I loved. Abby is really funny and there are so many different but great characters. Also, for me some PJ our way books have been too short but it was the perfect length.

Apr 06, 2023 08:45 AM
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Not too great

Review by Lrngoldberg

I thought this book was boring because it was predictable.

Mar 03, 2023 10:42 PM