The Journey That Saved Curious George

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The King of Mulberry Street book coverWhat the Book is About:

This is the true story of the exciting World War II escape of Margarete and Hans Reyersbach, German-Jewish authors and illustrators of the beloved Curious George books. Illustrated with vintage photographs, clever drawings and excerpts from Hans’ own diary, kids will be fascinated to learn that George was originally named Fifi, and that the Reys built their own bicycles from spare parts and rode across France for three days to catch a train and escape the Nazis. This short, interesting book is a fun choice for kids who loved Curious George.  

Jewish Content and Values

The book describes the life of Hans and Margarete Reyersbach, German-born Jewish refugees during World War II.

Positive Role Models

Margarete and Hans are a talented couple and work hard every day to create many children’s books together. Hans is a clever and resourceful man. He speaks many languages and loves animals.

Content Advisory

Although this book takes place during a difficult era for German Jews, it is a cheerful and upbeat story with a happy ending.     

Talk it Over

Hans Reyersbach changed his name to H.A. Rey to make it easier for his clients in Brazil to order his artwork. Do you sometimes go by a nickname? Why or why not?

More for You

The Jewish nation has well earned the title of “the People of the Book,” particularly in the children’s books world. Among our favorite Jewish children’s authors: Louis Sacher, Judy Blume, Judith Kerr, Maurice Sendak, Jane Yolen, Ezra Jack Keats, and the ever elusive Lemony Snicket. 
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