The Adventures of Hershel of Ostropol

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The Adventures of Hershel of OstropolWhat the Book is About:

Hershel of Ostropol is modeled after a clever, irreverent, and poverty stricken Jewish prankster eking out a living by his wits in Eastern Europe in the 1900s. Kids (and adults) of all ages will be charmed by Hershel’s antics in this kid-friendly, easy-to-read adaptation of traditional Yiddish folktales. 

Jewish Content and Values

These entertaining stories bring Eastern European shtetl culture to life and are filled with Yiddish humor and references to prayers, miracles, Shabbat, and Heaven.

Positive Role Models

Rabbi Israel, Ostropol’s town rabbi, was a holy, kindly, and generous man who was universally loved and respected by the community.

Content Advisory


Talk it Over

One of Herschel’s favorite sayings is, “How to get rid of someone for good: If he’s rich, ask to borrow money. If he’s poor, lend him some.” What do you think he means?

More For You

Hershel of Ostropol was a real person who lived in the Ukraine during the late 18th/early 19th century. He served as a court jester to the famous Rabbi Boruch of Medzhybizh, a Grand Rebbe of the Chassidic dynasty. He was one of the first documented Jewish comedians and is remembered by Jews and gentiles alike as a folk hero.

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