Gal Gadot: Soldier, Model, Wonder Woman

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Gal Gadot: Soldier, Model, Wonder WomanWhat the Book is About:

Gal Gadot is the Israeli actress who starred in Wonder Woman, the first ever female-directed superhero movie. This is the story of her childhood and career. Kids will be inspired by her success as an international actress who juggles family and career with grace and aplomb.

Jewish Content and Values

This book describes Gal Gadot’s childhood in Israel and her service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Positive Role Models

Gal Gadot is a confident and down-to-earth role model for Jewish girls. As a teenager, she worked as a babysitter and got a job at Burger King. She is proud of her Israeli identity and worked hard to perfect her English and train for her role. She even filmed part of Wonder Woman while pregnant with her second child, Maya! 

Content Advisory

This book mentions and includes pictures from films that Gal Gadot has starred and acted in. Although the pictures are appropriate for young readers, some of the actual films are for older viewers. This book also contains a picture of female IDF combat soldiers, who wear rifles as part of their gear.

Talk it Over

Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman, a fierce and compassionate warrior. Who are fierce and compassionate real life heroes that you admire and what do you admire about them?

More For You

Like many other superheroes, Wonder Woman was created during WWII and symbolically fought the Nazis. Feminist activist Gloria Steinham (who had a Jewish father) chose Wonder Woman’s image for the first cover of Ms. Magazine in 1971. And although Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, she was brought to the public by Max Gaines (Ginzberg), the modern comic book pioneer, who was Jewish. 

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