How PJ Our Way Chooses Books

The PJ Our Way Book Selection Committee is responsible for developing a great lineup of Jewish books that are appropriate for readers ages 8.5-12. They get kid feedback on all prospective titles and read subscriber reviews to ensure that PJ Our Way is kid-driven.
Each month child subscribers choose one book from four options, so whether the books are set in Israel or America, are historical fiction or take place in 2017, PJ Our Way books are stories that readers can relate to. Like PJ Library, PJ Our Way subscriber families come from a wide variety of observance levels and backgrounds, and our readers have a wide range of reading abilities and interests. We try to reflect our diverse readership across our books. We work with authors, agents, publishers, and editors to find the best books for our readers. Many have won prestigious awards, including the Sydney Taylor Book Award.
We are always on the lookout for new books for our lineup. If you are an author interested in submitting a manuscript to the PJ Our Way Book Selection Committee, click here to get more information about our book selection process.

Due to the high volume of submissions received, we are only able to contact authors whose book or manuscript is one that we would like to discuss further. Expected responses could take 3-6 months. We respectfully request that authors and agents do not contact PJ Our Way to check the status of a submission. Submissions can be made as a PDF to

We prefer PDFs but (3) hard copy submissions can be made to:

Harold Grinspoon Foundation
67 Hunt Street, Suite 100
Agawam, MA 01001
Attn. PJ Our Way