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Understanding Buddy

By: Marc Kornblatt

Contemporary Fiction

Everyone at school thinks the new boy, Buddy, is weird, but they don’t know the truth about him – and Sam does. If Sam takes Buddy’s side, he’ll lose his best friend, Alex. What should he do?

Ages: 10+

128 pages

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Average Rating: (2 Ratings)

Submitted 10/8/2017 by Ohevetsfarim

I would lend this book to a friend!
Submitted 10/1/2017 by Design Team

I liked this book because we got to know the characters really well. The people who would enjoy this book are people interested in stories about friends and family.

by Ruben, Age 10

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Review by Ruben

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Marc Kornblatt
Author of Understanding Buddy

Marc Kornblatt has had a lot of different jobs, including waiter, bartender, actor, doorman, and film maker. He first started to write books when a friend needed help finishing hers on time. Since then he’s written picture books, and books about the Spanish Inquisition and the American Revolution. In his free-time he likes running, biking, swimming, and camping.

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