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The Rookie Bookie

By: L. Jon Wertheim

Contemporary Fiction

Mitch loves making money and Jamie loves sports. They’re onto a scheme that could earn them a fortune! Or get them into big trouble. Or both.

Ages: 9+

160 pages

Hachette Book Group

Average Rating: (5 Ratings)

very good
Submitted 9/4/2019 by killer2009

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

it was a very good book

Submitted 9/4/2019 by Israel2020

Submitted 9/3/2019 by Drummer29

this book is bad
Submitted 9/2/2019 by jewishbooks2

i dislike this book

The Rookie Bookie is the BEST
Submitted 8/31/2019 by NationalDesignTeam

The Rookie Bookie is now one of my favorite books. It is just one of those books that you can’t put down. The book talks about economics and the overall concepts of making money while packing in a whole lot of fun. I would recommend this book as the PERFECT book for someone who wants a light and fluffy, super funny book. The main character is Mitch, and when his family moves from San Francisco to a small town in Indiana, Mitch’s life takes a turn for the best. Mitch loves making money and doing business, so he decides to start a football betting ring without checking the rules. Will Mitch’s teachers and parents catch Mitch doing something he shouldn’t?

- Elijah, National Design Team

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Review by Isabella


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L. Jon Wertheim and Tobias Moskowitz
Authors of The Rookie Bookie

Lewis Jon Wertheim is a journalist at Sports Illustrated. Tobias Moskowitz is an economics professor at the University of Chicago. They were both born in Indiana, are both dads, and this is the second book about sports and statistics that they’ve written together.

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