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The Sound of Freedom

By: Kathy Kacer

Historical Fiction

“What is a home?” Baba asked. “Isn’t it just a place where you feel safe?”

It’s 1936 Poland, and Anna’s family needs to find a new home fast. Joining the new orchestra in the Land of Israel is the opportunity of a lifetime. Anna and Baba will do whatever it takes to get Papa to audition!

Ages: 10+

278 pages

Annick Press

Average Rating: (15 Ratings)

Submitted 9/11/2019 by luvz2read

Submitted 9/11/2019 by shayna123

Great book for history of the Jews
Submitted 9/6/2019 by GideonRoxs

I would read more books by this author.

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

HISTORY this book was very very good!

I think it was pretty cool
Submitted 9/3/2019 by Princess2B

I think it was a REALLY good book! I really like to read about Anne Frank and her best friend, which leads to really liking to read books about the holocaust, which leads to liking this book! Also it was emotional, leading to the perfect book! (for me at least)

A touching story about how much freedom is worth to you.
Submitted 8/5/2019 by bonsaifan

I liked this book.

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

I thought that this book was one of the best middle-grade Holocaust books that I've read- and I've read a lot of them. It was a quick read, but it managed to convey many important Jewish values inside it's pages.

Submitted 8/4/2019 by SCoolgirl08

i really like this book .
great story
some parts are sad
i want to read more by this author

WARNING: sad book
Submitted 8/1/2019 by bobbysaxophone

I liked this book.

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

I really liked the book, but it is so sad.

Submitted 8/1/2019 by Yahwehsprincess

Thumbs up!

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

It was great! All the hardships that Anna went through and she finally made it to Palestine. This book is really exciting I just can't stop reading it. I totally recommend it.


Submitted 7/30/2019 by Whitejasmine2009

Thumbs up!

I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would read a lot more books by this author. I loved this book because of the music. It felt like I was in the story myself. I could literally listen to the music while reading the book. I hope others have enjoyed as I did.

Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted 7/28/2019 by leveygirls

The Sound of Freedom is a really beautiful book. I cried through a lot of it, but in a good way. The author made the characters so real and connecting that you cry over their problems. I would sincerely recommend it, but if you do decide to read it, remember that you will probably cry for at least half the book.

Submitted 7/21/2019 by leveygirls

Submitted 6/9/2019 by j2740325

This book was just OK

This book taught me more about Israel.

other than that the book was a little dull. Only read it if you are really bored!

Submitted 6/4/2019 by lbaj

I would read more books by this author.

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

Awesome 👍
Submitted 6/3/2019 by Jellybeenz

I liked this book.

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

Beautiful book!
Submitted 6/1/2019 by NationalDesignTeam

This book was a pleasure to read. All the characters are so vibrant, and I loved the surprising ending. I liked how it really showed how cruel the Holocaust was, and it made me feel a lot closer to my roots in Poland.

- Ariel, National Design Team

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Author sound of freedom

Kathy Kacer
Author of Sound of Freedom, The

Kathy Kacer was born in Toronto, Canada, and has lived there her whole life. She was a psychologist who worked with teenagers until she started writing books full-time. Kathy writes books about real people living through the Holocaust, and her first book, The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser, is based on a story from her mother’s life. Her books have been published in Germany, China, Slovenia, Thailand, England, Japan, and Belgium.

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