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Scarlett and Sam: Escape from Egypt

By: Eric Kimmel

One minute Scarlett and Sam are arguing about the family seder, and the next they’re on a magic carpet, going back in time to when the Jews were slaves in Egypt! Can they help Moses, and will they ever get back home?

Ages: 9+

168 pages

Kar-Ben Publishing

Average Rating: (13 Ratings)

Submitted 4/19/2017 by YPerson

This book was just OK

This book made me think more about friendship.

This book was eh. I think there could have been more excitement and exciting scenes.

SO EXITING!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted 4/13/2017 by rockclimber

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

this awesome book thought me about the story of passover while i read about an amazing adventure the twins, Scarlett and Sam had. AKA you should totally read this book

Submitted 3/7/2017 by khoff1014

a good book
Submitted 3/6/2017 by LaLasgirl

I would read more books by this author.

This book made me think more about friendship.

This book was hard to put down. It was really good and very enjoyable. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Pretty Good
Submitted 3/5/2017 by 2tmb

I liked this book.

This book was pretty good. It starts really slowly, but it is also really fascinating and really well made. Warning: It is sort of sad.

Submitted 3/4/2017 by CPM

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about friendship.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book!

Submitted 3/4/2017 by beflal

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It's ok
Submitted 3/4/2017 by chinesespeaker

This book was just OK

This book taught me more about Jewish holidays, rituals, and even food.

It's Ok the first few times you read it, but since it's such a short book, it kind of get's boring after a while.

Submitted 3/2/2017 by Blue9

I liked this book.

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

Going back in time is interesting, but this book is not really my type. It's pretty short.

Submitted 3/2/2017 by rockclimbingB

Submitted 3/2/2017 by Fashionwizard

Thumbs up!

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

In this book twins named Scarlett and Sam go to Egypt in the time of moses and help free the jewish people from pharoh. This was the book that made me want to read others from PJ ourway. Exelent book!!

Submitted 3/1/2017 by Book Hunter

Thumbs up!

i like percy jackson

Good if you like Percy Jackson themes
Submitted 3/1/2017 by Design Team

Twins Scarlet and Sam are going to have dinner at their grandmother’s house. She always says her antique carpet was woven by magic. They had always thought that carpet was weird but what happened next was even weirder than that.
I think that this book starts a bit slowly.
However If you like Percy Jackson you will probably like this book because both books tie together ancient and modern.
by Sam, Design Team

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Review by Dina

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Eric Kimmel

Author of Scarlett and Sam Escape from Egypt

“When I discovered that people wrote the books I loved, I decided, “That’s for me!” No other career ever seemed as exciting or as interesting.”

Eric Kimmel wanted to be an author when he was in kindergarten. The first book he ever bought with his own money was John Myers Myers’ The Alamo. Although he was from Brooklyn, he loved Texas history, and he had a complete set of Davy Crockett trading cards.

His Yiddish-speaking Grandma lived with the family. Her scary stories about ghosts, goblins, and devils inspired Eric to write stories based on Jewish folklore.

Eric has written over 130 books and has won the National Jewish Book Award five times.

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