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Finding the Worm

By: Mark Goldblatt

Contemporary Fiction

Quentin’s sick, and the Ponzini gang doesn’t feel the same. But Julian’s still running. And Beverly’s still chasing him. Will they ever race? Check out this funny and sad sequel to Twerp!

Ages: 10+

346 pages

Penguin Random House

Average Rating: (9 Ratings)

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Submitted 12/2/2018 by SDIAkidz3

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about friendship.

This book is great and has sad times.

Submitted 12/2/2018 by SDIAkidz3

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about friendship.

This book was good, and it has sad times.

Great Book!
Submitted 10/5/2018 by robloxmaster

I liked this book.

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

I liked the story line of this book, and some other stuff, blah,blah,blah, but something shocking happens! :( I still like the book though, so i would like a sequel to this book :)

great book
Submitted 9/6/2018 by msonic

Thumbs up!

I learned more about Jewish history from this book.

this book was great. i really liked it

finding the worm/ or finding the trouble maker!!!
Submitted 9/2/2018 by lightandjoy

This book was just OK

This book is definitely not my type of book!!!

Smartly Sad!
Submitted 8/6/2018 by gymgirlva

I thought this book was an excellent sequel to “Twerp”. It really taught you a lot about your own beliefs and how to find them. It was a very sweet story even though it had a sad ending but it was really well written! I would definitely recommend it especially for people about to have their bar/bat mitzvahs. It’s a really touching story and I really liked it!

Submitted 6/7/2018 by djmar9

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about friendship.

it was a great book

Submitted 6/6/2018 by amilia

I would read more books by this author.

This book made me think more about the importance of family.

It was very detailed and hart warming. I love this series of books. I highly recommend the book.

A Fantastic Book!
Submitted 5/30/2018 by NationalDT

Thumbs up!

“Finding The Worm” was a fantastic and bittersweet book. It had all the elements a book with a message should have: a sad twist, good friends, and obviously, a message. I think this book will speak to all of us kids out there who may take some things for granted. We may be ungrateful sometimes, and I think that it’s good to have a reminder that the thing that we’re looking at might start to go away. We have so many things that we think will last forever and won’t go wrong that we forget that eventually it might not be there.

I think that “Finding The Worm” will hopefully teach us all a lesson. Whatever we think we have, we should always make the best of it.

By Ori, National Design Team

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Mark Goldblatt
Author of Finding the Worm


“I can’t write a book unless I know the first sentence and the last sentence.”

Mark Goldblatt is a journalist, English professor, and fiction writer. His favorite authors when he was a kid included Dr. Seuss and Charles Dickens. He based the story of Finding the Worm on his own childhood in Queens, NY.

To young writers, Mark gives this advice: “Read a lot! Read the classics. Even if it tastes like medicine, read them!”

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