Stanley Leiber was a poor kid who loved to write. Read how a lucky break helped him go from rags to riches as “Mr. Marvel” Stan Lee, creator of Spider-man, Iron Man, and more!
Ages 9+
Pages 112
Publisher Penguin Random House

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If you like comics, you will love this book!

Review by Noah

Stan Lee started making comics when he was 15 years old. Then he built a company called Marvel Inc. Now if you like comics, Stan Lee is your man. If you're interested in the history about this amazing comic master, you will love this book. I didn't really get hooked in by the cover, but once I read it I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!

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Who is Stan Lee?

Video review by Sam

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Who is Stan Lee?

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Looks intresting

Review by Kesti2009

I didn't get a chance to read the book but it looks intresting

May 10, 2021 06:49 PM
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Bam! Pow! Great!

Review by favoritefoodpizza

Great book!

Dec 09, 2020 03:52 PM
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This is a great story!

Review by RivkahEsther

I recommend this book to other curios young readers like you

Nov 09, 2020 05:44 PM
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I read it at school

Review by Luv2readTO

stan lee was the guy that invented spiderman he is in every spiderman movie

Jan 25, 2020 11:08 AM
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Review by Jiraffe2009

I love marvel my favorite super heroes are spider man, captain america, captain marvel, and the hulk!!!! here are some reasons why i like this super heroes #1 i love spider man cause my dad loves spider man and its stan lees favourite too #2 i like captain america cause my mom likes him #3 i like captain marvel cause in her movie it showed me a lot of can do and last but not least the hulk #4 i like the hulk cause he is very strong and angry but bruce banner the one who made him with science chemicals is nice and sweet!!!

Sep 03, 2019 08:17 PM