Lev is determined to be a champion this year — until he meets his new training partner, who is not what he expected. The path to the state wrestling championships just got a lot more complicated!
Ages 10+
Pages 263
Publisher Penguin Random House
Coming Feb 2021
Junior Library Guild Selection

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70 Reviews

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Amazing 🤩

Review by hry

I think the book TakeDown was really really good. I think you will like this book if you like reselling or have hard things happen too you. At first this book was very confusing to me so let me tell you so you what to expect there are two different chapter names for the hole book Lev, and Mickey. Mickey is the girl in the story and Lev is the boy. I give this book five stars because it sort of made me want to resell. It also inspired me to be kind and caring for everyone and everything like my friends and the earth if you pick this book I hope you enjoy it if not I really really hope you find a book you like better next month.

Apr 06, 2021 04:41 PM
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This book is awesome!

Review by Dudeski

Good book about sports and people into sports would like this book. Different points of view between two friends, Lev and Micky.

Apr 06, 2021 12:33 PM
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Review by Ninjafoot3000

This book is in my top 3 favourite pjourway books of all time! It was so addictive i was late for school one day because of it! I recommend this book if you like activism, action and laughs!

Apr 05, 2021 05:22 PM
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Review by Ethanjr8

Its awsome but it becomes one person to another.Other than that it was well.

Apr 05, 2021 03:50 PM
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Review by olgajel

This book was one of my favs from PJ Our Way so far. I can read this book over and over and over again without getting bored of it. Definitely a must read for people that are all about equality, (aka me).

Apr 04, 2021 03:34 PM