Dounia is now a grandmother. But when she was a little girl in France, she had to hide from the Nazis. This is her story.
Ages 10+
Pages 76
Publisher First Second
Kirkus Starred Review
Mildred L. Batchelder Award
Sydney Taylor Gold Medal Winner

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307 Reviews

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Love it!

Review by Pug

It is an amazing book but i wish it was longer it only took about 20 minutes to read so if you are looking for a long book i would not recommend this but if you don't care pick this because it is really good.

Apr 02, 2021 12:01 PM
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A Beautiful Story.

Review by LittleArtist1

When I read this book I imagined this happening to me. A litte girl would be so traumitized when dealing with these things. While this story was sad at times, I enjoyed it.

Mar 02, 2021 04:44 PM
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Review by Moshkid

This book is amazing! The art is really great and the story is awesome too! It's kind of sad, but it's a great book nonetheless.

Feb 28, 2021 02:39 PM
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Sad, but amazing!

Review by Musa

World War 2 was hard on every Jewish child. This book is amazing, but sad at times, and it would be hard on a young girl to lose her parents, and to live with people she does not know. but in the end, there is a happy ending. Hidden is a great book, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Feb 04, 2021 01:57 PM
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This book is a little sad but very good

Review by soccerboy08

This book Hidden is kind of sad but, in the end it ends out happy I think this book is very good because it teaches kids not to hide who they are. I really enjoyed reading this book and I hope you do to!

Feb 01, 2021 06:04 PM