DK Life Stories: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant scientists in history. But did you know that he never wore socks or that he loved playing violin, even though he wasn’t very good at it? Check out this biography of this eccentric Jewish genius!
Ages 9+
Pages 128
Publisher DK
Coming Aug 2023

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DK Life Stories: Albert Einstein

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DK Life Stories: Albert Einstein

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Historical and sad

Review by ESparrow

This book was interesting, but I felt bad that his wife left him and I feel bad that Hitler hated them all, but, I did learn how he lived his life. Momma use to talk about Albert Einstein, so I chose this book because Momma had told me about it. It's a pretty good book.

Sep 19, 2023 07:25 PM
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Interesting book

Review by Monkey26

I recommend this book. I learned cool things about Albert Einstein including that he won the Nobel Prize.

Sep 17, 2023 07:45 AM
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Jewish Genius

Review by Snakes

Glad I got this book. I never knew he was jewish. Alber Einstein and I are alot alike in some ways.

Sep 01, 2023 12:11 PM
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Albert Einstein

Review by RMH2013

I loved this book. I learned a lot and it really got to me. When I started reading this book, it was a bit boring. But as I read, I learned to love it. I have always been intrested in science, math and Albert's life. If you are into learning about important people and you are interested about what Albert did in life, I recommend this book to you. This book is great to learn from. Albert was awsome, he stood up for what he believed in. Now that is important.

Aug 05, 2023 09:13 PM
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Review by avisha

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Aug 03, 2023 04:06 PM