Brianna hates being the center of attention, so why on earth did she agree to have a bat mitzvah? And why are the popular girls suddenly being so friendly?
Ages 10+
Pages 352
Publisher HarperCollins
Coming Jun 2020

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318 Reviews

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Becoming Brianna

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Becoming Brianna

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Becoming Brianna ROCKS!!!

Review by Claudia13

OMG I loved this book so much I read it so often, it's kind of unpredictable in some places, which I love! Make sure you read this book, along with the other books in the the series!

Oct 09, 2021 06:18 PM
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It was ok

Review by lilreader09

It was ok it wasn't as good as Mira's Diary which is really good i would suggest u read it

Oct 04, 2021 09:55 PM
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I loved it!

Review by TieDye

i loved how it was predictable

Oct 04, 2021 05:40 PM
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awesome book!

Review by QueenofHearts

This is a great book! The others in the series are also great ones

Oct 03, 2021 07:25 PM
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It was okay...

Review by sabbathshana

It was fine, but a bit boring and repetitive

Sep 07, 2021 11:49 AM