Eleven-year-old Anya has a month to come up with the money to save her family’s home. The tsar’s offering a huge reward to whoever kills a famous dragon. Can Anya find the dragon in time?
Ages 11+
Pages 394
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Coming May 2021
Sydney Taylor Silver Medal Winner

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50 Reviews

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Awesome adventure!

Review by Hudson

Anya and the Dragon is a great book. It had a fabulous adventure in it and a great plot. I would recommend it to people who like dragons and/or magic and friendship.

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Anya and the Dragon

Video review by Emily

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Anya and the Dragon

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Review by Dinush

i loved the whole book but when she pretended i was sooo scared!

Aug 04, 2021 08:28 AM
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Review by MeaB

BEST BOOK EVER. I'M ALMOST 13 AND I LOOOOOVE THIS BOOOK!!!! I couldn't put it down. I think the second book is the best, though. I could NOT put that one down like wow...!! my favorite character is Alfercht def.

Aug 03, 2021 10:03 PM
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Too hard

Review by ZoomZoom

Lots of words were too hard mom read and that was ok

Aug 03, 2021 03:26 PM
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Couldn't stop reading. Finished in 1 day.

Review by Kinkajou

This book is so good!! I recommend it a LOT. The beginning is kind of boring though. But wait until you meet the dragon . .. . (Also known as Hakon). But you should definitely choose this.

Aug 02, 2021 09:43 PM
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Anya and the Dragon

Review by unicornpoetry

I loved this book, however the beginning was slow and there was a lot of violence. Though the book had a very happy ending I still wanted to know other things.

Aug 02, 2021 08:13 PM