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12 Before 13

By: Lisa Greenwald

Contemporary Fiction

Ari’s summer at Camp Silver was super awesome! But now she’s home, and everything’s changed. Her BFF Kaylan’s hanging out with the Lunch Table Girls, and all her bat mitzvah plans are going up in smoke. She’s always been the calm one, but maybe now’s the time to start freaking out...

Ages: 11+

354 pages


Average Rating: (6 Ratings)

I loved this book!
Submitted 9/8/2019 by greenbarani

Thumbs up!

This book made me think more about friendship.

I love how the author made it seem like it is just a regular middle school story, yet however you're actually learning a lot about life and the times to be nice to people and the times to ignore them. I just feel like this book is great and I totally recommend it to anyone who has friendship issues or just needs help in life and I just recommend it 'cause it's a great book.

So Meaningful
Submitted 9/5/2019 by ReadandDance

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about friendship.

This is a GREAT BOOK for tweens and teens who are figuring out what being jewish means to them. It also has a wonderful message about friendship.

Best book!
Submitted 9/3/2019 by MiriamDenver

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about being Jewish.

I loved this book. I went to camp this summer and I felt I could relate to ari so much. I’m now reading the third and final book. I love Kalyan and aris friendship and I read the book wishing it would never end!
❤️Marley 7th grader

I love this book so much!
Submitted 9/1/2019 by pjlove

I loved this book!

This book made me think more about friendship.

I adored this book, I've read it at least a thousand times and every time I've loved it even more!

Submitted 9/1/2019 by j2740325

I loved this book!

This book is great and i loved it! You should read it too ! :3

Great book for tweens!
Submitted 8/31/2019 by NationalDesignTeam

This book is so good. I could really connect to it because I go to overnight camp. The characters are super relatable and have great personalities. If you like realistic fiction, you'll love this!

- Ariel, National Design Team

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Review by Danielle


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Lisa Greenwald
Author of 12 Before 13

When Lisa Greenwald was in 8th grade, she won $1,000 in a radio contest! Now she’s an author, and she’s written twelve middle-grade books. Lisa lives in New York City with her husband (whom she met at Jewish summer camp when she was 16) and two daughters. Lisa loves sleeping late, wearing flip-flops and eating cheese omelets. She really doesn’t love peas, mean people, and uncomfortable shoes.

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