The Time Tunnel: Let My People Go

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The Time Tunnel: Let My People GoWhat the Book is About:

The Time Tunnel books are a popular Israeli Magic Tree House-style series about ten-year-old friends Dan and Sharon who travel back in time to periods in Israeli and Jewish history. In this English edition, created just for PJ Our Way, Sharon, Dan, and Dan’s cousins Yonatan, Yonadav, and Yochanan land in ancient Egypt, where a bush is burning in the desert. Using the book of Exodus as their guide, the children gain the trust of Moses and Aaron and assist them in their quest to free the Israelite slaves. The children overcome several challenges along the way, including being imprisoned by Pharaoh! Readers will engage with the Passover story in a whole new way as they join Dan and Sharon on their adventures. This third translated volume can be enjoyed independently of its prequels, The Time Tunnel: Jerusalem Under Siege and The Time Tunnel: The Dreyfus Affair.

Jewish Content and Values

  • The setting of the story is ancient Egypt, and kids will get an appreciation for the chain of events that led to the freedom of the Israelites who served as slaves under Pharaoh’s rule. 
  • Sharon brings the book of Exodus into the cave back through time, and the children refer to it frequently throughout their adventure. The words of the Torah guide Dan and Sharon in their adventure and help them connect and communicate with the Israelites they encounter.

Positive Role Models

  • Sharon and Dan show bravery in assisting Moses and Aaron as they work to free the Israelite slaves, while also protecting each other and Dan’s cousins.
  • Moses, one of the great heroes of the Torah, demonstrates courage and perseverance as he assumes a leadership role despite his doubt and uncertainty.

Content Advisory

Although there are no scary or violent scenes in this book, parents should know that at one point the children are imprisoned by Pharaoh, who has threatened to kill them if Sharon doesn’t translate the stories of the Torah for him.

Talk it Over

The time tunnel brings the children out of ancient Egypt and back to present-day Israel just after the Nile turns to blood and before the rest of the plagues begin. The children of the story are unhappy about this; they wanted to stay and see the frogs, lice, darkness, hail, locusts, and boils. Would you have wanted to stay for the plagues if you could? Which plague would you be most interested in experiencing?

More For You

The Haggadah (the text that describes the order of the Passover seder) tells us that “in each generation, each person is obligated to see him or herself as though he or she personally came forth from Egypt.” In some Sephardic communities, seder participants reenact their experience of liberation by hitting each other with scallions while singing Dayenu to represent the Egyptians beating the slaves. They then walk around the table and through the house while holding pieces of matzah, celebrating their freedom. Bringing the story to life beyond the pages of the Haggadah is a powerful way to share the lessons of Passover with the next generation.

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