Tips to Survive Middle School by Rayna, Age 11

Posted October 29, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

In How to Survive Middle School by Donna Gephart, sixth-grader David deals with bullies, best friends (or lack thereof), and becoming an internet sensation. In this article, National Advisory Committee member and real-life sixth-grader Rayna gives us some clever tips on how to make middle school that much more manageable. Check them out below!
1. Be open to trying new things and meeting new people – many who are very different than yourself.
2. Come prepared and organized. Find a system that works for you and stick with it.
3. Try out for sports or clubs. It is a good way to get involved and make new friends.
4. If you have tests, study.
5. Find a way to minimize the amount of stuff you carry around. Use your cubby or locker, and don’t bring any stuff that you don’t need.
If you follow this advice, you’ll go from barely surviving to totally thriving! Do you have any tips for mastering middle school? Let us know in the comments!

Rayna is a member of PJ Our Way’s National Advisory Committee.

Thanks! I'm going to middle school next year!
6/1/2020 1:58:15 PM
Good tips. 🙂 Though they aren’t really for middle school. Everyone needs those tips!
11/27/2019 12:28:50 PM
thanks for the tips! I'm only in fourth grade, but they'll definitely come in handy.
11/5/2019 1:23:41 PM
I will keep that in mind for middle school. I’m in 4th grade, so I don’t need the info now. Great tips!
11/4/2019 6:36:31 PM
omg this is so true well except the studying me and my friends fail tests when we study but that might not be the case for you.
11/1/2019 7:02:35 PM
100 % agree. Middle school is very different than elementary school. Thank you for the thoughtful tips!
11/1/2019 9:29:22 AM
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