The Golden Dreidel by Aaron

Posted October 24, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Sara is at her family’s Chanukah party when she is given a golden dreidel by her aunt Tante Miriam.  Sara’s brother sees the dreidel and wants to play with it too! A fight breaks out and the dreidel flies out of their hands and hits the TV screen. Their parents send them to bed. But later that night, Sara find that the TV has become a doorway to a magical place. Once she enters, will she ever get to go home?
If you like stories with fantasy and adventure, The Golden Dreidel is perfect for you.



3/8/2020 8:31:28 PM
good video bro!
11/11/2019 6:47:40 PM
Looking forward to reading it
11/7/2019 7:39:56 AM
I think I will like this book.
11/5/2019 8:08:34 PM
thanks for the review . i really enjoyed the video 😄🐱🦄
11/5/2019 6:32:17 PM
Nice, but I feel like it gave me a little too much info. I do like the way the video is put together, though.😁
11/4/2019 2:25:57 PM
Great video that gives me better understanding of what I can expect from the book.
11/2/2019 2:24:13 PM
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