Who Is Ralph Lauren by Lilah

Posted September 30, 2019  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Ralph Lauren is a famous Jewish fashion designer who demonstrates innovation and determination. He grew up in an immigrant household in the Bronx and turned himself into a famous fashion designer with a company making billions of dollars a year. Read his life story in Who Is Ralph Lauren?!

Very convincing.
10/9/2019 7:57:16 PM
She is so cute and an awesome actress!
10/9/2019 2:32:29 PM
cool vid girl! so gonna read it!
10/7/2019 9:54:39 PM
Great acting!
10/3/2019 2:53:53 AM
I liked your video a lot! How did you do the background?
10/2/2019 4:35:30 PM
love it I am going to read it in 4-6 weeks
10/2/2019 4:02:26 PM
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