Introducing the 2018-2019 National Design and National Content Teams!

Posted December 28, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

165 kids applied to be part of the PJ Our Way National Design Team this year! We selected 14 outstanding kids for the National Design Team, which will create video trailers, polls, quizzes, and reviews for the books on the PJ Our Way website. We also created a second team of 14 awesome kids for the National Content Team, which will create kid-friendly blogs and videos for the PJ Our Way and PJ Library websites.
2018-2019 National Design Team
Aaron, age 10, California
Ariel, age 11, Massachusetts
Brenna, age 11, California
Danielle, age 11, Colorado
Elana, age 10, Washington
Eli, age 12, Minnesota
Elijah, age 10, Hawaii
Ezra, age 10, New York
Isabella, age 10, Georgia
Josh, age 10, Illinois
Lilah, age 8, New Jersey
Sheina Brocha, age 11, Pennsylvania
Sydnie, age 12, California
Yona, age 11, Washington
Celestina, age 12, California, Teen Leader
2018-2019 National Content Team
Asa, age 11, North Carolina
Ayden, age 9, Massachusetts
Bella, age 9, Maryland
Ellery, age 10, Texas
Hanah, age 9, Florida
Hettie, age 10, Washington, D.C.
Jeremy, age 10, Pennsylvania
Joseph, age 10, Washington
Michael, age 9, Arizona
Nathalie, age 10, New Jersey
Rylee, age 10, New York
Sophie, age 11, Arkansas
Xela, age 12, Arizona
Zoe, age 11, California
Eitan, age 13, Maryland, Teen Leader
Get to know more about this year’s National Design Team and National Content Team!
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