Seymour, the Formerly Fearful by Ori

Posted October 01, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

Seymour is afraid of just about everything. It makes him not want to go to the beach, ride his bike, or do other things that kids his age do. Will he ever overcome these fears?!


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I am so glad that all of you are liking his video! I hope it encourages y'all to get the book!
1/3/2019 12:32:57 PM
YOU CONVINCED ME TO GET IT SO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/10/2018 9:36:59 PM
woohoo keep making this kind of video by the way.
10/10/2018 8:41:24 PM
i like how your review was like on top of it, like no slideshow or format just straight-on-top-of-it-get-to-the-point-fast stuff and just plain camera video so i liked it and I might get this book so ya
10/10/2018 8:40:35 PM
I liked your video
Nice job!!!😃😜🤗😜😆😃😂🤣😅😁😛
10/10/2018 1:38:20 PM
I like your reveiw. 🐼
10/8/2018 4:27:01 PM
I loved your review about the book. I think I am going to get it. Your review will probably make kids want to read the book Seymour, the formerly fearful. I hope everybody who sees your video will want to get this book.
10/7/2018 7:49:32 PM
Ori, I really appreciated your straightforward and honest review. No gimmicks, no "show", just saying what it's really about. Kol Hakavod!! Hopefully you encourage other kids to read it too :)
Someone's Ima
10/7/2018 3:16:58 PM
I agree with Maman😃
10/7/2018 11:09:38 AM
I liked your review. I think it will encourage kids to read the book.
10/3/2018 6:56:38 PM
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