Saying Thanks to the 2018 Design Team!

Posted June 01, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

As their 6 months on the National Design Team ends, members share their favorite book and what and they loved about being on the National Design Team!

Asher, 9, Pennsylvania


I really liked how the PJ Our Way Design Team let me make friends with other kids across the nation. I learned how to read books and be able to really use the parts of the books to make fun things like polls, quizzes, and reviews. My favorite PJ Our Way book was Stealing Home because it showed me about Jewish history, which I really like, and it talked a lot about sports.

Cayla, 9, Colorado


I loved being behind the scenes to make one of my favorite websites possible. I learned more about Jewish history and culture through reading a ton of cool books.

Celestina, 11, California


I loved meeting new people and working on making videos. It was a fun way to be creative. Saskia is also very nice. My favorite PJ books had to do with biographies.

Elana, 11, Virginia


I loved that I could connect with other kids like me that also had an interest in reading. One thing I learned was how to make good quality videos.

Ilana, 10, Tennessee


It was exciting to see things that I had done on the website. Even though it was sometimes hard to get my assignments done on time, I learned that the hard work paid off when I got to see something I had made when I went to choose a book.

Jeremy, 9, Louisiana


One of the many things that I have loved about being on the Design Team is that we (the kids) are the ones who are creating the content on the website! It is not something only made by grown-ups! One of the books that really stood out was Under the Domim Tree.

Ori, 10, Ohio

What I loved about PJOW is that I got to see a bunch of books from authors before anyone else on the website got to, and then write reviews and film videos about it!

Rosie, 9, New York


I loved sharing my opinion with other people and I learned how to make good polls and quizzes. My favorite books were Duel, The Truth About My Bat Mitzvah, and A Faraway Island!

Ruben, 11, California


I loved making videos and writing quizzes and polls. I learned more about how to work on a team. It was fun to meet other Jewish kids from all over the country. My favorite PJ Our Way book this year was The Adventures of Hershel of Ostropol.

Ryan, 11, Connecticut


I liked being part of the Design Team and seeing my reviews on the website. I also really liked going to the PJ Library conference, meeting Saskia, other Design Team members, and especially Harold Grinspoon! My favorite book from this year was The Bicycle Spy.

Zoe, 11, California


I loved the book Takedown because it had a powerful female main character. I brought it to life with a movie review and Legos! The Design Team provided me with interesting books each month and a place to share my opinions and ideas.

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What an amazing team! Great job, everyone!
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