The 7 Best Passover Snacks, According to Kids

Posted March 13, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Design Team

It’s Passover week! You’ve cleared the house of chametz, (that’s leavening), asked the Four Questions, and sung Dayenu with your family. Now it’s time to get back to your everyday routine of school, work, and activities. Your meals are prepped and planned and you’re ready to rock and roll with the rest of the chosen people. But wait – what about snacks?
Members of the PJ Our Way Design team share their tips and recipes for after-school snacks kids can make and enjoy during Passover.


Head to your local grocery store’s kosher section, grab a box of specially marked Kosher for Passover cake mix and customize it with chocolate chips and delicious, crumbly topping.


What does Elana like to eat during Passover? Chocolate, chocolate, and, well, chocolate. She gives you the scoop on where to find special ready made goodies like macaroons and mousse plus her favorite chocolate spread.


Taking a road trip to see family? Ilana will show you how to make a quick and filling granola using crushed matzah and a few other ingredients. Yum!


Ruben’s favorite after-school snack is a healthy batch of guacamole. Spread your guac on some matzah or bake with cheese and veggies for a batch of “ma-chos” (matzah-nachos).


Eitan whips up a snack-time staple in minutes. Customize your pizza with your favorite cheese or veggie toppings. Not ready to use the oven on your own? Pop your matzah in the microwave or toaster oven.


Sam whips up some very fancy looking truffles to share. Follow along for tips about how to safely melt chocolate and how to customize your truffles.


Shira grabs a cup of her favorite Kosher for Passover yogurts and customizes it by stirring in chocolate chips. You could also add fruit or some of Ilana’s granola.
This is so creative! They all look so tasty.
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