Dov Smiley Brings PJOW Subscribers’ Superheroes to Life

Posted January 24, 2018  | Written by PJ Our Way Team

Dov Smiley is a comic book artist who brings Jewish values to life in a fun and modern way. Dov teaches comic book art, creates Jewish-themed comics, and gives workshops on how comic books can help young people embrace their love of pop culture, comics, and fantasy as part of their Jewish experience.

Dov and PJ Our Way partnered to give subscribers the opportunity to create their own superheroes which Dov then turned into comic book characters! Each month we will be revealing a couple of our SUPER PJ Our Way Superheroes.

Check out February’s superheroes!

If these two superheroes met, what would they say?

They would have an argument over who would rule the world.
3/14/2018 4:47:05 PM
I think that if StarMan met the Final Two, they would have a conversation sort of like this: StarMan: "I'm StarMan! Prepare to meet your dooms!!!" The Final Two: "We're also superheroes, so (in italics) calm down." Then, I think StarMan would reply sort of abashedly under his breath with an apology. Then, the threesome would have many great adventures together.
3/10/2018 7:48:21 PM
I believe that if StarMan met the Final Two, their conversation would go something like this:
StarMan: I, am STARMAN! And you are?
The final two would respond much calmer with their superhero names.
I have a feeling that they would end up in an alliance. StarMan would be the leader, and the Final Two would be StarMan's Chiefs of Command.
3/8/2018 6:50:23 PM
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