Aidan asks a Question: Who is Haman?

Posted March 01, 2016  | Written by Aidan, Age 11, Massachusetts

The Holiday of Purim can have some dark themes. It can be shady in the way that you may not think is true. The main part that can make this holiday dark and shady is the evil Haman. He is so cruel that whenever you hear his name you block it out with the shake of the grogger. The Jews, in Haman’s time, did not have that grogger.  They had to put up with Haman. Well, at least until they rebelled. They were led by Mordechai and Esther.  Mordechai had his eyes set on the prize, destroy Haman.  Mordechai got his prize. With the power of standing up, Mordechai and Esther and the Jews defeated Haman.

Haman overshadows dark things. Sometime during everyone’s life there can be a Haman. There is something that is eating at you and you need to stand up to it! You might not think that you have the power to stand up to your Haman, but you will always be able to.

This could be as simple as a tricky math problem, and all you need to do is ask someone for a little help or guidance. This could also be as deep as a bully at school. You need to stand up to that bully and tell them what they are doing to you. Even though these are very different examples, they both impact people.

Now that you’re done reading this, what is the Haman in your life? What are things that have been difficult that you’ve managed to overcome? Please share in comments below!
It is scary to speak up and that is probably why Haman got away with what he was doing.
3/2/2016 4:28:12 AM
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