David meets author Karen Goldman!

Posted February 01, 2015  | Written by David, Age 9, New York

In David’s own words: It was very exciting to meet Karen Goldman, the author of Jordan and the Dreadful Golem, at Marks JCH in Brooklyn!

Ms. Goldman talked to us kids about her book and where she got the idea of the book from. She shared that once her grandson misbehaved and she decided to write a book to explain to him where his mistake was. We also did fun activities together such as selecting which superpowers we wish we could have. Ms. Goldman gave us a sneak peak on her next book about clones. I cannot wait to read it!

Jordan and the Dreadful Golem was a great book. It showed the importance of friendship. When Jordan and his friends captured the golem, everyone had a part in it. I would recommend this book to Percy Jackson lovers. It is just like Percy Jackson except for the fact that it included Jewish customs. It was fascinating to read about all the kid’s powers and how they used them.

what is the new book going to be called?
2/12/2015 6:11:06 PM
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