Queen of Likes by Ellie

Posted March 28, 2017  | Written by Ellie, Age 10, Florida

Karma’s smart phone is her best friend. But if her parents take it away, will her world fall apart?


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I love your videos! I love how in in your videos, you do something that has to do with the book, like, how in the beginning of this one, you were checking your Instagram, on your PHONE.
5/20/2017 10:51:32 AM
You're amazing at making videos.
5/1/2017 6:19:00 PM
That sounds like a great Book! Bring on more videos!
5/1/2017 5:22:24 PM
Awesome! :)
4/10/2017 9:33:58 PM
good job!
4/6/2017 7:42:02 PM
i wish you showed the inside of he book
4/2/2017 8:20:37 PM
good review :)
4/2/2017 4:17:25 PM
Nice, Ellie <3
4/2/2017 1:07:07 PM
Hi, I'm NeedingReading, and I loved your video! I thought it was pretty funny in the begining! You gave a very good summary of the book. Please do more videos, and write more reviews on the books. ;-)
4/1/2017 8:42:55 PM